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1970 Pontiac Grand Prix Air Conditioning

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1970 Pontiac Grand Prix

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix | Front

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix | Front

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix | Side

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix | Side

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix | Side

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix | Rear

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix | Interior

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix | Interior

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix | Interior

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix | Engine

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix | Engine

INFORMATION on the 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix

Factory A/C Specs Overview Stats & Specs

About the OEM Factory Air Conditioning System Originally Installed on the 1970 Grand Prix

AC System Type:

Expansion & POA value/Filter-drier/Electric & vacuum controls. No safety switch in this factory system, which relied instead on discharge outlet on A6 compressor.


Single-groove, GM A6 compressor located on passenger side of engine. Learn more about GM compressors.


Tube and fin. Learn more about GM condensers.


Vacuum & electrically operated manual or automatic controls. Learn more about GM controls.


Located in engine compartment on the passenger side firewall. Learn more about GM evaporators.


Mounted next to condenser on passenger side. Note that the muffler built into the manifold is commonly mistaken for the filter-drier in this vehicle. Learn more about GM filter-driers.


Combination of hose clamps (suction and discharge), pre-crimped liquid hose, and one liquid line. Learn more about GM hoses-lines.


R12. Learn about converting to GM vehicles to 134a.


Expansion and 15-51 POA. Learn more about GM valves.

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Grand Prix background and what was new in 1970

The Grand Prix as a model

The Pontiac Grand Prix was first introduced in 1962 as Pontiac’s answer to the Ford Thunderbird, slotted as a luxury, performance, mid-size car, between the larger Bonneville and the smaller Tempest in the Pontiac lineup.

The 1970 Grand Prix in context

The 1970 Grand Prix was the second of the “G-body” based 2nd Generation (1969-1972). 2nd Gen Grand Prix’s featured a Duesenberg inspired long hood/short deck design, marketed aggressively by Pontiac as the longest hood in the industry. Given the success of the 1969, very little was changed for 1970.

70 vs 69 Front

The sculpted V on the hood of the 1970 Grand Prix continued to be prominent and the front parking lights were still integrated into the front fender. One change was that the front grille got vertical slats.

70 vs 69 Side

In the 1970 Grand Prix, vertical hash marks were added on the front fenders just behind the wheel wells. The 1970 version also featured flush door handles.

70 vs 69 Rear

There was little change from 1969. Horizontal taillights were still integrated into the fender.

70 vs 69 Other

The 1970 Grand Prix continued to feature the 400 V8 350hp engine introduced in 1967 and the biggest standard engine ever offered on a Grand Prix. The 428 engine upgrades were dropped in favor of a 455, the largest engine ever offered on a Grand Prix. A special, semi-custom version with a Hurst shifter, the “Hurst SSJ” version was also introduced in 1970.

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General Statistics & Specifications on the 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix


2nd Gen (1969 — 1972)

Model No:


Total Production:


“Std” Body Type:


Other Body Types:


“Std” Price:


“Std” Weight:

3,784 lbs

“Std” Wheelbase:

118 in

“Std” Length:

210.2 in

“Std” Engine:

400 V8 350 hp

Other Engines:

400 V8 300 hp, 455 V8 370 hp

Special Trims:

SJ, SSJ (Hurst)

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Note: The “Std” body type, dimension, price, weight and engine is for the best selling base model. Production totals are for all models combined.

Grand Prix Clubs

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Grand Prix Resources

Rocky Rotella, 1969-1972 Pontiac Grand Prix, High Performance Pontiac, May 2006. (more late model)

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Pontiac History

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