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Compressor Clutch-Idler Restoration







Custom clutch restoration services include:

  • Glass bead clean
  • Disassemble, inspect, clean and replace damaged or missing parts
  • Machine inner clutch & hub surfaces
  • Repair or replace brass ring surface or clean & test field coil, whichever is used
  • Reassemble, test and paint

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What do clutches & clutch brushes do?

Clutch brushes are the electrical switch that tells the compressor clutch pulley assembly to engage and disengage from the Compressor. This is essentially what turns your Compressor on and off.

If your compressor is not turning on, or not turning off, the problem may be with your clutch or clutch brushes.

Classic Auto Air has new clutch brushes for your 1958-62 Ford (part #08-120) & 1963-68 Ford (part #08-107). We can also restore your original 1955-57 Ford clutch brushes.

We also carry restored original clutches for most 1970’s & older Fords, or can custom restore your original. Call or email now with any questions!


What does an idler do?

Adjustable idlers tension your car’s Compressor belt tight. Non-adjustable idlers reduce long lengths of belt travel between pulleys to prevent belt slap & vibration.

If one or both of your idlers are making an unusual sound (they should make no sound), is wobbling or vibrating, it will need to be replaced or restored.

Classic Auto Air has new (see below) & restored idlers for most 1970’s & older Fords. We also offer parts & restoration services for your original, if a replacement or core is not currently available.

Buy a new idler!

1965-66 Ford 289 V8 Adjustable Idler #7-148

1965-66 Ford 289 V8 Adjustable Idler #7-148

Brand-new, judging-quality reproduction of the original part. Comes complete with mounting hardware.

1965-66 Ford 289 V8 Non-Adjustable Idler #7-157

1965-66 Ford 289 V8 Non-Adjustable Idler #7-157

Brand-new, judging-quality reproduction of the original part. A common problem on 65-66 Ford with 289 c.i. engines and factory air is excessive belt slap and vibration. It can be felt in the steering wheel, pedals and floorboard. A low pitch rumble accompanies the vibration. This condition is usually noticeable at or just above idle. Most people assume this is normal for the system, but it is not. In 1967, Ford made the non-adjustable idler available for 1965-66 cars through local dealers. Comes complete with mounting hardware & installs in minutes.

1968-73 Ford V8 Adjustable Idler #7-150

1968-73 Ford V8 Adjustable Idler #7-150

Brand-new, direct replacement part.

Call or email us.

Buy a new service valve!

Classic Auto Air offers new service valves for 1962-80’s Fords. They mount on the compressor and serve as fittings for the suction and/or discharge hoses depending on the model. Originals are prone to leaking and getting stripped from years of use. A new one will solve those problems and look better. Call or email for more information!

HH Tecumseh York

The compressor is a belt driven engine-mounted pump that serves as the heart of your car’s air conditioning system.

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