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Classic Under Dash Air Conditioning System

Dash With Evaporator

Cool only, compact, easy to install

  • 4 ball vents
  • High torque blower motor and large coil provides exceptional air volume and temp
  • Totally independent of any factory heat-defrost system

Dash With Evaporator

Shown installed on a 65-6 Mustang


16 1/8"W x 5 1/2"H x 12"D

Standard Classic Under Dash Air Conditioning System includes:

  • Under dash air conditioning unit & mount
  • Rotary compressor
  • Compressor mount
  • Condenser & brackets
  • Filter drier & bracket
  • Universal hose kit (includes fittings and length of hose in all 3 sizes)
  • Firewall grommets
  • Wire harness
  • Condensation drain tube
  • Binary safety switch

When adding air conditioning, be sure that you have the correct pulleys to drive the compressor. Classic Auto Air has a complete line of pulleys available in several different finishes.

Dash With Evaporator

Classic Under Dash 134a Air Conditioning System:

Complete System: $975

Part# 20-299

To help us select the right configuration, please let us know engine year/ size, number of belt grooves on engine pulleys, short/long water pump, alternator on driver/passenger side and whether you have power steering.

(System is designed for 134a refrigerant but R12 refrigerant systems also available. Call for information)

Classic Under Dash Unit only:

Evaporator Assembly Only: $350

Part# 1-1010

(The under dash air conditioning unit itself, along with firewall grommets, wire harness and condensation drain tube but no other parts of the system)

  Standard Installation
  Remote Vent Installation

Download a complete installation manual in a PDF (Portable Document Format) file format. Please note: Templates are not drawn to scale.

To work with the PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. if you do not have Acrobat, you may download it here:


Show Stopper

Show Stopper Kit

Show Stopper Kit

Stainless Braided Hoses

Stainless Braided Hoses

Chrome Drier and Bracket

Chrome Drier & Bracket

Polished Compressor

Polished Compressor

To really shine! ---- the Show Stopper Kit!

Complete System: $550 - $750

Part# 28-0001

Includes chrome/polished compressor, chrome drier and a standard three hose set of stainless steel air conditioning hoses.

Electric Condenser Fan

Electric Condenser Fan Package

Electric Condenser Fan Package

For even better cooling! -- Electric Condenser Fan Package!

Our Electric Condenser Fan Kits provide increased air flow through the Condenser. Increased air flow increases heat transfer and thereby air conditioning system performance.

All come with a medium performance SPAL fan, trinary safety switch, mounting kit, and relay wiring harness. Size your fan based on available space.

Fan Size: 12"

Part# 11-0001

Price: $145.99

Fan Size: 14"

Part# 11-0002

Price: $145.99

Fan Size: 16"

Part# 11-0003

Price: $145.99

Dual Electric Condenser Fans

Dual Electric Condenser Fans Package

Dual Electric Condenser Fans Package

For Ultimate OE Cooling! -- Dual Electric Condenser Fans Package!

Price: $375.99

Part# 11-0004

Our Electric Condenser Fan Kits provide increased air flow through the Condenser. Increased air flow increases heat transfer and thereby air conditioning system performance.

By-pass flaps open to allow increased air flow for highway driving.

Fans run independently as in modern OE cars, one off AC pressure, the other off the engine thermostat.

Can eliminate the need for a mechanical fan.

Kit includes two 11" high performance SPAL fans mounted in a single, self contained shroud, mount kit, trinary safety switch, engine temperature sensor kit, and two relay kits (one for trinary safety switch and other for engine temperature sensor kit).

Daily Driver Under Dash System Designed for 64-66 Mustang.
Click here for more information

Daily Driver Under Dash System Designed for 67-68 Mustang-Cougar.
Click here for more information

Daily Driver Under Dash System Designed for 69-70 Mustang-Cougar.
Click here for more information

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Vertical Controls


These vertical orientation controls are designed for street rod and custom fit electric air conditioning systems where location or space may be an issue. Overall size is 4 7/8” X 2 1/8”. Our electronic controls are machined from high grade aluminum bar stock. The illuminated control panel has full color inserts providing soft, even back-lighting.

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