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Vertical Controls

Featured on page 130 in April 2009 Issue of Super Chevy

Vertical Air Conditioning Controls

Classic Auto Air now offers space-saving electronic vertical controls for use when space or location is an important consideration. Machined from high-grade aluminum bar stock, these illuminated controls offer spin-of-the-knob temperature and level adjustments. Available with a satin, polished or a black anodized finish. Overall size is 6 5/16 x 2 7/8 inches.

1967-69 Firebird Vacuum Canisters

Featured on page 14 in December 2008 Issue of High Performance Pontiac

Vacuum Canister for 68-72 Chevelle, 67-69 Firebird/Camaro and others.

Classic Auto Air introduces correct replacement A/C vacuum canisters for ’67-’69 Firebirds. Low A/C vacuum, and even poor engine idle, can be the result of an old, rusted canister and bad check valve. Classic Auto Air’s solution is a direct replacement including a built-in check valve that mounts to the firewall. It’s easily attached with two 5/16” screws and accepts the vacuum line from the engine and the A/C vacuum harness. Since it’s a direct replacement, there are no modifications needed. Just remove your old canister and replace it with this new piece from Classic Auto Air.

Corvette Compressor Upgrade Kit

Featured on page 19 in November 2008 Issue of Vette.

70-72 Chevelle/El Camino Shown (CAA Part #13-242)

Tired of that horsepower-robbing compressor stealing your Corvette engine’s thunder? Classic Auto Air now offers a high-performance Sanden-style compressor upgrade kit that saps fewer ponies, weighs considerably less, and yields better fuel economy than the factory unit. It’s also a great start for converting to 134a refrigerant. Classic Auto Air also offers complete bolt-on A/C kits for most ’63-82 Vettes.

Our Corvette Compressor Upgrade Kit was also featured on page 14 in June 2008 Issue of Corvette Fever.

More information on our GM Compressor Upgrade Kits

Firebird Hoses & Lines

Featured on page 98 in July 2008 Issue of Muscle Car Review.

79-81 Firebird/Trans-Am Shown (CAA Part #13-614)

Classic Auto Air has released direct replacements for the compressor hoses for ’77-’81 F-bodies and high pressure A/C liquid hoses an lines for all ’70-’81 V-8 powered Birds. They’re ready to install and are compatible with all refrigerants. Restoration services are available for other lines as well.

More information on our GM Hoses & Lines

GM Compressor Upgrade Kit

Featured on page 98 in July 2008 Issue of Muscle Car Review.

Shown installed on a 70 Chevelle 69-72 Chevelle Kit Shown (CAA Part #23-224)

Classic Auto Air offers a high-performance Sanden-style air-conditioning compressor upgrade kit for GM musclecars that will save power, shave weight off the engine compartment and improve your car’s fuel efficiency. The bolt-on kit fits most 60’s to 80’s GM cars, including Camaros, Firebirds, Chevelles and Novas and it’s a good way to start the conversion to 134a refrigerant.

More information on our GM Compressor Upgrade Kits

Moved Factory Division to New Location in Tampa!

In February 2008, we moved from our original location in Tampa to new facilities. Come visit.

Mustang Compressor Upgrade

A detailed, photo rich article on the installation of our Mustang Compressor Upgrade Kit on Julian Gonzales’ 1967 Mustang hardtop in the March 2008 Issue of Mustang Monthly.

Joe Gonzales Sr. with His Son’s 67 Mustang Pony

More information on our Ford Compressor Upgrade Kits

Replacement Hoses

Featured on page 17 in September 2007 Issue of Mopar Muscle.

71-74 E and B Body Front Liquid Line

71-74 E and B Body Front Liquid Line

71-74 E and B Body Rear Liquid Hose

71-74 E and B Body Rear Liquid Hose

Are you having a hard time finding a replacement line or hose for your Mopar’s original air-conditioning system? Well, those days are gone. Classic Auto Air now offers a wide range of new replacement hoses and lines for classic cars and trucks that will fit properly and work better than the originals. With the right length and bends, these hoses not only look correct for your restoration, but also function great, cooling the cabin of your ride.

More information on our Mopar Hoses & Lines

Mopar B-Body (1969 RT) Installation of Perfect Fit™ System

A detailed, photo rich article on the installation of our 1968-72 Mopar B-Body Perfect Fit™ System on Bruce Nelson’s 1969 RT in the July 2007 Issue of Mopar Muscle.

More information on our Mopar Perfect Fit™ Systems

Mopar Perfect Fit™ Systems

Featured on page 20 in May 2007 Issue of Mopar Muscle.

Classic Auto Air is pretty much a sure bet when it comes to stealthy, underdash air-conditioning systems. Classic Auto Air’s Perfect Fit™ System is designed for each specific year and model from 1967-1974 for all A-, B-, and E-Bodies (yeah, all of them). Their kits are specifically tailored for your car’s make, model, year, with personal touches that you might or might not need. Each system includes in-dash or underdash louvers, floor and dash defrost heat, use of the stock heater control panel, and a hi/low pressure switch for compressor protection, as well as extensive easy to follow instructions and superior technical support.

More information on our Mopar Perfect Fit™ Systems

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