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Using Factory Compressors with CAA A/C Systems

August 29th, 2012

Here’s a question asked by many of our customers who have purchased a crate motor and are wondering which of the motor accessories are compatible with our products.

I am interested in purchasing a non-factory A/C system for my vehicle. I have an A/C compressor from a GM serpentine belt drive system. Can your system attach to the GM compressor and can I purchase your A/C system without the compressor?

Yes, you can use our Perfect Fit A/C system with the factory-style compressor. For several reasons, however, we recommend that you purchase the complete system from us and use our compressor. The complete system includes the Evaporator, Condenser, and Compressor Mount Kits. Our compressor can be bolted on in the same location as the factory R4 compressor.

First, the GM serpentine compressor is a variable displacement compressor. The amount of refrigerant it pumps varies based on the refrigerant temperature. The problem with that is that aftermarket systems don’t use the same type of devices to cycle that compressor. In the aftermarket we use a fixed thermostat and expansion valve that will cycle the compressor based on the evaporator coil temperature. This fixed displacement compressor continuously pumps the same amount of refrigerant no matter what the refrigerant temperature. Using a variable displacement compressor will give you inadequate cooling temperatures in your cabin. (We do have a couple of tricks that can be used if necessary. Contact your CAA rep for more details.)

Secondly, by purchasing the complete system from us and using our compressor, you’ll get a three-year warranty on the system. If you use your own compressor, we can only offer a one-year warranty.

Ultimately it’s not going to cost much more to purchase our complete system, which we offer at a discount. To purchase a system without the compressor and the mount, you will have to pay the retail price for the Evaporator Kit, which is everything for the interior of the car, and the Condenser Kit, which is for everything under the hood. We believe you’ll be much happier in the long run if you buy the Perfect Fit complete system from us.

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