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1969 GTO Upgrade: Cable-Free Electronic Air Conditioner Controls Now Available

Classic Auto Air - Air Conditioning & Heating for 70’s & Older Cars & Trucks.  Air Conditioning   1969 GTO Upgrade: Cable-Free Electronic Air Conditioner Controls Now Available

1969 GTO Upgrade: Cable-Free Electronic Air Conditioner Controls Now Available

The 1969 Pontiac GTO has gotten its own Perfect Fit air conditioning system with DER – Fully Electric Controls. Pontiac enthusiasts everywhere will be cheering the fact that the previously inaccessible blower switch has been completely replaced so that no modifications to your firewall are needed. In the 1969 Firebird and 1969 GTO, Pontiac mounted their air conditioning / heater blower switch in the in a location that was inaccessible and you literally could not replace with an aftermarket style switch. Without a blower switch, there was no way to control your blower speed!  Because of the original General Motors design, like most cars of the era used a metal-sheathed cable to mechanically operate the air diverter doors. After roughly 50 years of use these cables rust and stiffen it becomes quite impossible to operate commonly breaking a lever in the control head itself. Breaking off the metal levers was not as uncommon as you might imagine. These were simple pot metal die cast pieces not made for a lot of stress and strain. When the levers broke people would buy new arms to operate most common aftermarket systems.  That is not the case any longer with  Classic Auto Air’s new DER control panels.  The D.E.R.’s controls are all digital, back lit and bolt into the original location on the Pontiacs with no modifications needed. The DER electronic controls feature modern looks with classic styling. In fact, you have the added feature of a back-lit control on the dash. This $100 upgrade to the Classic Perfect Fit controller upgrades your original factory air or heat-only car and can be used on all of the following models and years:

  • 1967 Camaro. (heat only or original factory air)
  • 1968 Camaro. Heat only
  • 1969 Camaro Heat only
  • 1966 1967 Chevelle heat only or factory air original
  • 1968 Chevelle heat only or factory original air
  • 1969 Chevelle heat only factory air
  • 1970 1971 1972 Chevelle (both factory air originals and heat only units)
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  • Joe
    July 6, 2014

    Please let me know when the Perfect fit A/C for the 1969 GTO is available.

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