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Model Specific Air Conditioning
1940's to 1980's Vehicles

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1973-79 Ford Pickup A/C Kits

1973-79 Ford Pickup A/C Kits

Classic Auto Air has a model-specific A/C Kit to retrofit your 1973-79 Ford Truck. This fully electronic a/c system gives you modern a/c, heat, and dehumidified defrost. Engineered specifically to use our supplied Direct Electronic Replacement Controller (D.E.R). This controller gets rid of push-pull cables and converts your truck to up to date electronics while keeping a stock look.

Smarter, Faster, Better!

Our retrofit design gives OE quality combined with better than original performance and reliability. Meaning you get 21st-century technology with a stock 1973-79 look.

The 1973-79 Ford Truck a/c kit uses our ECU to allow infinite adjustability over all modes. This provides you with powerful air conditioning. It comes equipped with carefully sized, large, separate A/C and Heat coils just like factory (OE) systems, not combined A/C/Heat coils. By using separate coils, we improve the cooling and heating capacity of the total system.

This makes you cooler much faster This a/c system will cool your cab down before you hit the end of the street.

Design is Everything

The 1973-79 Ford Truck a/c kit is engineered to actually fit a 1973-79 Ford Pickup. We didn’t design one-size-fits-all to fit a whole product line. This a/c system was designed just for the 73-79 Ford Truck.

With minimum modification to your vehicle, you can install yourself. This a/c kit has step-by-step instructions on how to install. There are no special tools required. Classic Auto Air has superior technical support that you just can’t get with other a/c manufacturers.

There are so many ways to get the support you want. You can read technical information on our support page. There are videos you can watch. You can schedule a call with a master tech. Feel confident about your installation.

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