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A Cable-Free Solution to Updating A/C in Vintage Mustangs

The A/C market has been moving toward all-electronic control, and this request from a 65 Mustang owner is a good example of that trend. Customers are looking to retrofit their A/C while avoiding the fine-tuning and troubleshooting that cables require.

I need an A/C system for a 1965 Mustang I’m building but do not need the headache of cables. Do you make a solenoid controllable modification? Or do you sell the kit without cable drives?

Yes, we have released a fully electronic Perfect Fit Elite system for the full line of Mustangs, from 64 through 72. It does not use push-pull drive cables. Instead, our patent-pending EZ Cable Integrators bolt to the control head just like a cable would. The integrator turns the mechanical movement of your control head into an electrical signal. It runs through an ECU board, the brains of the whole system, and moves the doors using actuated motors.

The Perfect Fit Elite System provides a nice, fluid response for the control levers on your dashboard. It is fully programmable and upgradeable, allowing us to design new system features that customers can just add on with a module. When you want to update your system, you can just buy the appropriate module, rather than purchase a whole new system.

In addition to Mustangs, we have also released fully electronic Perfect Fit Elite Systems for all first and second-generation Camaros. We’re currently designing Perfect Fit Elite Systems for Chevelles and expect to have them completed in the fall of 2012.

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