After graduating from high school at the peak of the original muscle car era in 1969, our founder, Al Sedita, spent the next few years on the NHRA Pro Top Fuel and Pro Stock drag racing circuit. When he returned home to attend college, he started buying and selling Corvettes and Rolls-Royce motorcars. Very few of the Rolls-Royce’s had air conditioning, making them difficult to sell in Florida. He designed a high performance system that fit in the dash, providing a stock appearance. He did one, then another, then another and in 1977, after finishing college, the systems became so popular he stopped selling the cars and turned it into the business we now know as Classic Auto Air.



With the same passion and customer focus that has always characterized Al, we’ve been satisfying classic car enthusiasts ever since. From its Rolls-Royce roots, Classic expanded its focus to Mustangs and then other Ford, GM and Mopar cars of the 50’s, through 70’s.As a result, we have the world’s largest inventory of parts for 50’s through 70’s Ford, GM and Mopar classic cars and trucks.


Initially limited to restoration, Classic is a full-service classic car air conditioning company. We still restore classic air conditioning systems with the same expertise and passion as always, but we also offer parts and compressor and condenser conversion kits and produce the best retrofit air conditioning systems on the market. We also install air conditioning systems at both our Tampa, Florida and Coppell, Texas facilities. We believe this unique complete factory, retrofit, installation perspective lets us satisfy our customers in a way that no one else can.

We’re not just a retail sales facility. Our people install, repair and restore air conditioning parts and systems all day, every day. We still do it all and no one else does. We still put air conditioning in Rolls-Royces; we still offer America’s most extensive in-house restoration and duplicating department; and our Perfect Fit™ series is the best retrofit air conditioning system on the market. Call us and find out why cool enthusiasts everywhere are proud to say, My ride has Classic Air.

Find out how to stay cool in your classic ride by calling or emailing us today!