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Placement of AC Vents in a 1965 Mustang 4+4 Fastback with Center Console

It’s never too late to upgrade your classic ride with state-of-the-art air conditioning! We recently received an inquiry from a potential customer who has been the sole owner of a Mustang for almost 50 years and is now looking to add AC to his car.

Bought a Mustang 4+4 Fastback new in 1965 and am now restoring it. It never had AC but has the center console. I do not want to remove it to accommodate the new OE-AC vents. Will the Perfect Fit system allow me to keep the center console? This car has no power steering, the engine pulley has one belt groove, and the fan is the stock fan. I would like to use the stock heater control panel.

The Perfect Fit Elite kit for this Mustang does not require removal or modification of the console. When the Ford dealer installed the under-the-dash unit in console-equipped Mustangs, the installer would cut the console at a line Ford had cast into the backside of the console. The louvers that are included in the kit are individually mounted. They will mount to the bottom of your dash panel. You can space the louvers out to suit your needs or appearance.

The Perfect Fit Elite kit also utilizes the original heater control panel. For your convenience, the kit includes a decal that can be placed on the face of the control panel and that indicates the lever positions for the different operations and function of the unit.

An engine bracket of your choice is included in the Perfect Fit Elite kit. Your 289 engine will use our 6-102 engine bracket kit. The 6-102 will mount the compressor in front of the driver side cylinder head. The engine bracket kit utilizes and includes an idler pulley and a three-groove crankshaft pulley. This combination replicates the original belt routing that Ford used back in the day. The routing of the stock drive belt(s) for the alternator or power steering pump are not disturbed. The 6-102 engine bracket kit will accommodate 289 engines with or without power steering. And if you ever decide to add power steering, you will already have the required belt groove on the crankshaft pulley.

Because of the added components, I would recommend a six-blade mechanical fan along with a fan shroud. The stock four-blade fan will not pull enough air through the condenser or radiator. Not only will your engine temperatures be high, but the efficiency of the Perfect Fit Elite unit will be greatly diminished.

No matter what combination of components (or restoration) you need, Classic Auto Air can help you get your car’s air conditioning in top working order. Contact us today about assembling a Perfect Fit Elite kit specifically for your vintage automobile.


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