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Air Conditioning Upgrades for Mopar B Body Cars – 1968 – 1970

Can aftermarket air conditioning components improve on OEM design?  Factory original purists may balk, but sometimes original dashboard designs can be improved upon. A case in point is our in-dash air conditioning and heater controller for B Body Mopar cars built in the years 1968, 1969 and 1970. As with all CAA vintage auto air conditioning aftermarket products, we pay close attention to the details of the original design. It is part of what has made Classic Auto Air the aftermarket air conditioning leader for over 40 years.

Our D.E.R. – Direct Electronic Replacement dash controls are no exception. In designing and manufacturing the control panel (right here in the United States, thank you!) we faithfully executed around the smallest details of the original design.

But here’s where the upgrade goes fancy. Originally, if you bought a GTX, Charger, Super Bee or Road Runner in ’68, ’69 or ’70 your heater A/C controls on the dash were not backlit. If you get our upgrade to fully electronic controls, however, you now have the convenience and yes, we dare say the improved functionality of a dashboard control illuminated at night.  The Digital Electronic Replacement is standard for original factory air conditioning cars to replace your vacuum operated factory controls. The D.E.R system is also available as an inexpensive upgrade for heater-only cars looking to add A/C.

Classic Auto Air’s complete,  model specific “Perfect Fit ELITE™” system allows you to retrofit an original, standard, 1968-1970 Road Runner, Superbee, Charger or GTX with full air conditioning. Our system is engineered specifically to use the original 1968-70 Mopar B-Body heater controls using our simple EZ Cable integrators and EZ Wire system.  The new fully electric “Perfect Fit ELITE™” system uses our ECU to allow infinite adjustability over all modes, providing you with powerful air conditioning, heat on the floor, and dehumidified defrost. The air conditioning connects to new supplied vents and the defrost connects to new supplied defrost diffusers.

Want to give it a try in your B Body? Just give one of our freindly, helpful tech guys a call. We’ll keep you cool this summer.

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  1. William Alford says:

    I have a 68 GTX w/440 and custom serpentine belt system. How much would this system cost with a serpentine type compressor but no brackets and electronic controls? My email is the best way to get in touch with me.

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