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Why Winter Is The Best Time To Think About Your AC

Even though winter is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to check your classic car’s air-conditioning system for proper function.  Many of our customers are getting ready to store their classic cars for winter, and they will be in for a rude awakening next spring when they realize they have a problem.  Many ac systems on older cars consist of hard to find, or obsolete parts that can’t be found at the local auto parts store or the dealer.  Classic Auto Air becomes a very popular place!

Reconditioning Classic Car AC Components

We recently heard from a customer interested in having his original 71 Pontiac LeMans evaporator unit with POA valve rebuilt & restored and set up for 134a.   Our customer was also interested in a compressor and line kit to replace missing components.  He wanted to know if such a kit is available, and of course how much it cost.   This 2-part request covers two of Classic Auto Air’s Original Air Group’s specialties; rebuilding/restoration and factory air-conditioning a/c system upgrade kits.

Sending Us Parts to be Restored? Be Sure to Use Our Online Restoration Form!

Occasionally we receive a box of rare and valuable AC parts with no indication of how to contact the sender or what needs to be done with the components. We have to spend time tracking down the owner, slowing down the turnaround time and prolonging the suffering involved in owning an AC-less car.

To ensure that your restoration work is started and completed as quickly as possible, give us a call before you pack up those parts. We’ll discuss what you have in mind and the options available to you. After that, fill out and submit the online restoration form and print up enough copies to include one in each box you ship, and be sure to make another copy for your records. You can find a link to the form on the left-hand column of every CAA website page (except the Tech Talk blog).

The Lowdown on Our Restoration Services

At Classic Auto Air, we can restore nearly any air conditioning part for models from the 1950s through the 1970s, and we do so on a daily basis. Here’s one example of the types of restoration projects we receive inquiries about.

I’m restoring my 1972 Plymouth Cuda heater box and want to retain its original look. If I sent it to you for restoration, would you be able to fix the broken fiberglass? Keep the original stamped numbers intact when you fix the fiberglass? Blast and paint the outside of the motor housing? Blast all the metal parts?

Looking for Hose Replacement Options for a 67 Fairlane

Making do with what’s available is a big part of restoring vintage cars, but sometimes it just isn’t possible. We often receive inquiries like this one from classic car owners who’ve found that a vital component has moved on to the Great Junkyard in the Sky. Luckily, CAA can still help.

I’m restoring factory A/C in my 67 Fairlane (289) and converting to 134a. My hoses are shot. Will the 67 Mustang (289) A/C hoses fit? I have a hard time believing there could be anything different, other than length. Please explain the differences.

Restore or Upgrade? Options for Your Old A/C System

Owners have a few choices when deciding whether to restore their vintage auto a/c system or rip it all out and replace it with all new components. This Blazer owner is wondering what combination is best based on the status of his original parts.

I have the original A/C that was removed during the restoration of my 1972 Chevy Blazer. I feel I need to replace the compressor, condenser, all air hoses, and evaporator. I have already replaced the drier and under-hood hoses. The directional flaps inside the air box are not in great shape and I question if they will seal properly. The sheet metal plenum is in great shape.

Photo Guide: Updating a Vintage Mustang A/C with our New Fox Body Mustang Upgrade Kit

Mustang Monthly Oct 2012Since 1977, Classic Auto Air has been the #1 source for 1964-73 Mustang air-conditioning parts, complete systems and restoration services. Now get to know us for restoration services and factory A/C system upgrades for the Fox Bodies! Our new Upgrade Kits for 86-93 Fox Body Mustangs not only make it easy and efficient to convert to the newer R134a refrigerant, they’ll also make your A/C system work better than ever.

If you’ve been thinking about having your 87-93 Fox Body Mustang A/C refurbished, a new article by our friends at Mustang Monthly will give you a good idea of what the process entails.

Restoring 1979 – 1993 Mustang Fox Body Evaporator / Heater Units

Classic Auto Air is now offering rebuilding services for 1979 – 1993 Mustang Fox Body evaporator/heater plenums.   Anyone who has removed one of these units to change a heater coil knows that you don’t want to have to do it twice, and anyone who has tried to change the evaporator knows how difficult it can be to do so without damaging the evaporator housing.

Use CAA’s Online Restoration Form to Ship AC Parts and Avoid Delays

It happens all too often…we receive a box of extremely rare & valuable ac parts for restoration without customer contact information or instructions.  We feel awful when this happens because our customer assumes we are on the job, when in reality, the restoration process hasn’t started.  Lack of proper paperwork causes project turn times suffer, resulting in hot and sweaty customers during the summer months.

ac restoration shipping formNext to calling to discuss you’re a/c repair options, filling out and including our easy to use online restoration form with your shipment is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your work is started and completed as quickly as possible.