Classic Auto Air Master A/C Technicians

Classic Auto Air Technical support is like no other in the automotive industry. Easy to use quick links on our support page allow you to find immediate answers to your a/c questions. From understanding what a/c really is to calibrate your system. Read our professionally written documents to troubleshoot any issue you are having. You can watch how-to videos on a wide range of a/c issues. Or if you just get a new set of install instructions you can grab them here. Every question you can possibly have is on this page.

We also have on staff a team of master technicians that can answer a wide variety of a/c questions. You have the ability to schedule a call with a master tech to call you back at a convenient time for you. Our master techs can resolve in-depth issues with your a/c system.

If you would rather shoot us an email you can do that here as well. Classic Auto Air has many ways for you to get the support you need.

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2 thoughts on “Classic Auto Air Master A/C Technicians

  1. Russell Miller says:

    I have a stock bodied 37 Plymouth coupe with a sac and automatic tranny. Is this applicable to my project and if so, what will I be looking at for in ac ,heat and defrost? Are components readily available in my area (New Hampshire)?. What is the ordering / delivery time frame? Thanks. Russ Miller

    1. Steven R says:

      I have a Street Rod Cooler III system that might work really well in this situation.
      I have it shown online if you would like to take a look. Please give us a call and we
      will be happy to go over everything with you. 877-342-5526

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