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Classic Auto Air Tech Tips

Classic Auto Air has created a massive library of technical support documentation and easy-to-follow videos for a wide variety of questions we have been asked over the past four decades. Our technical support section covers everything from calibrating your new a/c kit to what type of refrigerant you need to operate your a/c kit. If you can think of an a/c related question we have the answer here.

Get the Support You Want

The Classic Auto Air support section is unbeatable. We have gathered commonly asked a/c questions and obtained inside knowledge from our engineers to give you the most detailed assessment of our a/c kits. What is so awesome about this support section is you can get as deep into A/C as you want. Get down to how a/c really works, theory and all or just get your a/c kit running. It’s up to you how much you want to learn.

Do you understand better by watching someone explain it to you? Classic Auto Air’s YouTube page goes through step-by-step processes that we cover in our online support section. So, no matter how you learn you will get the best information we have to offer. Click below to our YouTube channel to view these videos yourself and subscribe so you can stay up to date with everything Classic Auto Air.

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