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Compressor and Clutch

What is the Compressor Really?

There are various makes and types of compressors used in automotive air conditioning systems operating on R134a. The internal design could be Piston, Scroll, Wobble plate, Variable stroke or Vane. Regardless, all operate as the pump in the A/C system to keep the R134a and lubrication oil circulating, and to increase the refrigerant pressure and thus temperature.

Sanden- Wobble plate

A reciprocating piston, fixed displacement compressor. The pistons are operated by a wobble plate, which moves them backwards and forwards in the cylinders. As the front shaft turns the wobble plate angle changes, causing the pistons to move in and out, pulling refrigerant vapor in through the suction side, compressing it and discharging this high pressure vapor into the condenser.

How does the Compressor Clutch work?

The clutch is designed to connect the rotor pulley to the compressor input shaft when the field coil is energized. The clutch is used to transmit the power from the engine crankshaft to the compressor by means of a drive belt.

When the clutch is not engaged the compressor shaft does not rotate and refrigerant does not circulate the rotor pulley free wheels. The field coil is actually an electromagnet, once energized it draws the pressure plate towards it, locking the rotor pulley and the pressure plate together causing the compressor internals to turn, creating pressure and circulating refrigerant.

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