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Custom Colder Universal Air Conditioning System

High Performance

If you have been looking for high performance Universal Air Conditioning System that fits a multitude of vehicle applications then the Custom Colder is perfect for you. The custom colder air conditioning unit that allows full integration with your factory control head with the features of a fully electronic controlled unit. This Flex Fit Elite unit allows you to keep a factory appearance and have the amenities of new OEM designed air conditioning and heating unit in your classic! Fully electric integration with your existing controls or with custom billet control panels.


Separate A/C and heater coils

All Classic Auto Air systems feature our separate A/C and Heat coils give us a much larger surface area for the airflow to flow over which makes for more efficient and quicker temperature adjustments. We’ve utilized copper tubing for over 35 years in our quest to outlast any of our competitor’s aluminum only components. Quality for generations to come. Because of separate coils, You don’t have to remove both coils to replace just one and you won’t damage other parts during the process!

You need our exclusive Direct Pass Evaporators. Unlike our competitors, we direct airflow straight across and thru the entire coil(s) surface – and that means faster cool downs. Instead of a complicated series of trap doors, we utilize just one door and a larger exit opening on our evaporator cases without redirecting. Our competitors use many trapdoors and create a maze that the air just can’t navigate thru easily.


The Custom Colder Universal Air Conditioning System is built for the long run. Every part has been carefully engineered for years of trouble-free performance. From our high-impact ABS case to our American made high-capacity coils, the Custom Colder Universal Air Conditioning System is as tough as they come.

For larger vehicles

Custom Colder Universal Air Conditioning System measures 24″ inches long, 8.75″ inches deep, and only 10” tall. This system is designed to give the flexibility of a custom install in a vehicle larger than the typical “street rod” unit as seen everywhere. This unit has connections to the side rather than the rear of the unit. This allows for a smooth firewall installation.


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