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Classic Auto Air has more Mopar A/C Kits than anyone else on the market. From the Plymouth Barracuda to the Dodge Challenger R/T Classic has you covered. What makes Classic Auto Air Mopar air-conditioning Perfect Fit™ kits the market leader? High performance. Every single AC component is chosen based on its superior design and overall quality rather than a low cost.

Each Mopar kit is a model-specific Perfect Fit™ system. This allows you to retrofit an original, standard, heat-only, Mopar vehicle with full air-conditioning. Classic auto Air Mopar kits are engineered specifically to use the original M heater controls and dash louvers while providing you with powerful air conditioning, heat on the floor, and dehumidified defrost. The air conditioning and defrost connect to the original heater-defrost diffusers.

Model Specific

Classic Auto Air’s Perfect Fit™ model specific systems are not your typical, one-size-fits-all, low-quality, aftermarket air conditioning system. Classic Auto Air RETROFIT designs give OE quality combined with better than original performance and reliability. The Perfect Fit™ kit for each Mopar air conditioning system is engineered to actually fit the actual Mopar. Each one comes equipped with carefully sized, large, separate A/C and Heat coils just like factory (OE) systems, not combined A/C/Heat coils often found on aftermarket systems. The separate coils improve the cooling and heating capacity of the total system.

Why use anyone else?

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