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Perfect Fit A/C Kit for your Ride

Choosing the correct a/c kit for your vehicle can be confusing but Classic Auto Air has made it a whole lot simpler. We have a few ways to get the correct a/c kit for your vehicle. Our homepage gives you the option to pick your make, model, and year of your vehicle and we will direct you straight to the system we recommend for your vehicle. This is a quick and easy way to know for sure what a/c system works with your ride.

Consultation with a Classic Auto Air-tech

If you do not see your vehicle in the drop-down, no worries. Right below the previous dropdown, we have a section to schedule a consultation with a tech. Classic Auto Air has a highly skilled team of techs that can go over the best options for your ride. When you schedule your consultation with a Classic Auto Air tech you get the same design level that was given to a lot of our high-end builders. You heard right. Get the same attention to detail that every past Pro builder received.

The consultation with our techs comes in two options. You can either have a scheduled call on your time or you can have a consultation through email. It is up to you. Our goal is to get you the perfect a/c kit for your vehicle.

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2 thoughts on “Perfect Fit A/C Kit for your Ride

  1. Walter Hatcher says:

    I’m looking for a kit to replace me ac in a 1969 Lincoln mark iii, very similar to a 69 Ford Thunderbird. I have a compressor and wanted to use a factory style condensor and receiver dryer

    1. Steven R says:

      Hello Walter

      I apologize but I don’t have a kit directly designed for the Lincoln but have a couple universal systems listed online if you would like to take a look.
      Everything under the hood would also have to be universal as well. I wont carry the factory designed condenser or dryer. 🙁

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