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Model Specific Air Conditioning
1940's to 1980's Vehicles

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The Pontiac Perfect Fit™ air conditioning system is designed specifically to bolt into your Pontiac with minimum modification to your vehicle. In some Pontiac installations, only one hole needs to be drilled into your car.

Perfect Fit™ air conditioners use your original Pontiac heater controls and provide you with powerful air conditioning out of the dash louvers, heat on the floor, and dehumidified defrost.


Designed for your specific year and model Pontiac. The Pontiac air conditioning features a flat firewall for a clean look, Air conditioning louvers are in-dash. Installed system gives you dash a/c, heat on the floor, and dehumidified defrost. Stock heater control panel is utilized. Our Pontiac Air conditioning compressor features Hi/Low pressure switch for compressor protection. Installation’s a breeze! Click here for our very detailed, photo illustrated, Pontiac air conditioning installation instructions.


Each Perfect Fit™ air conditioning kit comes standard with the components you need to RETROFIT your classic Pontiac. You’ll be living with cool comfort featuring the latest air conditioning technology built into the best-designed climate control system on the market today.


What makes our Pontiac air-conditioning Perfect Fit™ kit the market leader? High performance. Every single AC component is chosen based on its superior design and overall quality rather than a low cost.


A smaller A/C system is never better when it comes to cooling a high-powered, classic Pontiac.

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Retrofit with Perfect Fit™ Air Conditioning Systems

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