1965 Chevy Impala – Sedan Air Conditioning System



Designed specifically for your 1965 Impala, this Classic Auto Air Perfect Fit™ system will convert your factory heat only classic to full climate control. Like all Classic Auto Air kits, each component was specifically designed to fit your 1965 Impala. This kit contains what you’ll need to get modern day, high performance A/C, heat, and dehumidified defrost into your classic. All components are of the highest quality possible…

All installation kits include detailed, step-by-step instructions, and customizing is a breeze. Plus no special tools are required and every system has the best warranty you’ll find anywhere.

Your Perfect Fit™ A/C kit comes complete with:

  • Serviceable Evaporator Assembly (High Impact, Fully Insulated Housings)
  • Largest Coils in the Industry (Faster and more thorough Heat Transfer, Faster Cool-downs)
  • Separate A/C and Heat Coils, Like OEM
  • Wiring w/ new blower switch
  • Sanden Brand Compressor
  • Condenser Kit with all brackets & hardware
  • Compressor Mounting Hardware
  • Water Valve
  • Hi-Low Pressure Switch for Compressor Protection
  • Pre-crimped Refrigeration Hoses
  • DirectPass Airflow Technology
  • SPAL Fans for the Greatest Airflow
  • Fully-automatic, Preset Thermostat
  • Pre-formed Hardlines
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Fewer Connections – Less Chance for Leaks

Install & More Info

Model Specific Perfect Fit™

A/C, Heat and Defrost. For original heat only vehicles.

This model specific Perfect Fit™ system allows you to retrofit an original, standard, 1965 Impala with full air-conditioning. Our system is engineered specifically to use the original 1965 Impala heater controls by providing you all new blower switch, brackets, cables and wiring to make your controls work like new. This will allow infinite adjustability over all modes, providing you with powerful air conditioning, heat on the floor, and dehumidified defrost.

Installation’s a Breeze!

The Perfect Fit™ 1965 Impala air conditioning system is designed specifically to bolt into your 1965 Impala with minimum modification to your vehicle. Each kit comes with detailed, easy-to-follow installation instructions and mounting templates when needed.

Not Just Aftermarket Air Conditioning!

Classic Auto Air’s Perfect Fit™ model specific systems are not your typical, one-size-fits-all, low-quality, aftermarket air conditioning system. Every component was chosen for its superior design and quality rather than a low cost. Our RETROFIT designs give OE quality combined with better than original performance and reliability.

The Perfect Fit™ 1965 Impala air conditioning system is engineered to fit a 1965 Impala It comes equipped with carefully sized, large, separate A/C and Heat coils just like factory (OE) systems, not combined A/C, Heat coils often found on aftermarket systems. By using separate coils we improve the cooling and heating capacity of the total system. This increases the total efficiency of the A/C System by making the vehicle interior cooler much faster than other systems on the market.