Trunk Mounted Air Conditioning System


Cool only, easy to install

Perfect as an extra unit for large vehicles or where forward mounting is impractical or where additional cooling is needed.

The Trunk Mounted Air Conditioning System fits in the forward area in the trunk of your vehicle, under the parcel shelf on the trunk floor. The trunk A/C system comes with a remote switch panel that mounts up front, a pilot light in the switch panel that indicates when the unit is refrigerating, as well as a thermostat which can be pre-set and requires no further adjustment. Refrigerant outlets are right hand of unit as determined if sitting in the driver’s seat.

Install Info

Standard Trunk Mounting Air Conditioning System Includes:

Interior Components

    • Trunk mounted air conditioning unit & mount
    • Controls (blower switch/thermostat)
    • Rear air vents and flex hose for air distribution
    • Return air grill
    • Wire harness
    • All fittings, hoses & tubes (suction, discharge & liquid)
    • Firewall grommets
    • Wire harness
    • Condensation drain tube


    When adding air conditioning, be sure that you have the correct pulleys to drive the compressor. Classic Auto Air has a complete line of pulleys available in several different finishes.

    NOTE: This system can only be installed in vehicles that have a package deck behind the rear seats. It is not for hatchbacks and other vehicles without a rear package deck.


    19″ wide x 13″ deep x 8 1/2″ high (excluding height adjustment capability).