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Stump the Standard Catalog: 64 1/2 Mustang “GT Package”

Standard Catalog of American Cars - 1946-75This post is for our Mustang fans. 


Was the “GT Package” (distinguished most easily by fog lights and thru-exhaust) available on 1964 1/2 Mustangs?
The Standard Catalog of American Cars: 1946 – 1975 suggests the GT Package made its debut in the 1965 model year.  Despite this, we sometimes see 1964 1/2 Mustangs featuring both fog lights and thru-exhaust.  We’ve even seen some that have only one of the two features!  We wondered…could the Standard Catalog be wrong?  Was the GT Package in fact also available for 1964 1/2 Mustangs?  We guessed so but were never sure.

Mustang GT Package

Recently we were looking for an early Mustang and found a beauty offered by the St. Louis Car Museum…..factory correct Raven Black (code A) paint, original D-code 289 V8, and just 78,649 miles, but we digress.  This Mustang has the GT Package features and comes with paper work showing an original purchase date of June 11, 1964…well before the October 1964 release of the 1965 model.  Although there is no mention in the documentation, the car has GT Package features, which suggests that the GT Package was available on the 1964 1/2.

9 thoughts on “Stump the Standard Catalog: 64 1/2 Mustang “GT Package”

  1. Joyce E says:

    GT was absolutely not available as a package until mid Feb. 1965. So even early 1965 models weren’t available as a GT.
    Some of the GT options could be added at the dealership.
    In addition to the fog lights and exhaust trumpets, GTs had front disk brakes, special handling package with larger sway bar, stiffer springs and more. They also have a stripe and emblem package.
    Saying “but I saw one…” doesn’t mean alot with all the possible modifications that can occur over almost 50 years.

  2. d g says:

    The GT was introduced early in the 65 production and had either an A or K code engine, the D was a low compression 289 and discontinued before introduction of the GT Package. There are a number of things in addition to the exhaust and grill for a car to be a true GT. This car you describe is a added on car. This info may be verified in”MUSTANG Recognition Guide”. Hope this helps, Good Luck

  3. eddie anderson says:

    Has anybody ever checked the rear exaust pipe hangers for correct mounting retainers in frame rails? The only correct install is to cut rail open and weld them in the restration book states is one way to find if it is a true GT i have both versions and I have done a lot reserch on them I have made my living on the cars for years ROLL TIDE

  4. steve says:

    Most likely one of the cars owners installed these features after it was built as there are many fake GT cars out there.

  5. Mark says:

    All GT items were made available to be installed on any Mustang. I would venture to guess that on this particular Mustang, the owner liked the looks of the GT and asked his Ford dealer to add on the parts. It is well know in Mustang circles that the GT and Deluxe Interior Decor Group were both made available in April 1965, with some of the early build dates in March 1965.

  6. Mustang Stables Bill Waz says:

    I have never seen a 1964 1/2 Mustang with a GT Package. If it was a true GT, the Body tag under the hood will show it. If not, then it was converted to one. GT options were available at the dealer for installation after the package became available. As far as I know if you wanted to go fast in 1964 1/2, the closest Mustang would have been the D code (289 4 bbl) with a 4 speed and No options. Check that body tag for verification. If it is missing the car is not original. All Factory Gt’s for 65 and 66 are 4 BBl cars either A code or K code.

  7. Paul Barr says:

    The official GT package was offered on the one year anniversary. It is possible that the fog lamps and exhaust extensions were available but this was not marketed as a package until 4/65

  8. Richard Alvarado says:

    My father bought his brand new 64 1/2 mustang when he got home from the Army in 65. His car was a GT I have the pictures of him the day he bought it and clear as day it has a GT badge on the front fenders behind the wheel area, it had the fog lights and the thru duals, it also has the solid lifter cam engine and the rally pak tach and clock on the steering column.

  9. Norm says:

    I’m thinking of purchasing a very nice 64 1/2 Mustang convertible . Would I be hurting the car by not leaving as is putting a GT pkg , lights and exhaust .

    What do you think ?

    Thks Norm

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