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Model Specific Air Conditioning
1940's to 1980's Vehicles

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Chevy Corvette Perfect Fit Air Conditioning System Updated April 2014

Corvette model years affected: 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974,

Your wish is our command!  With the success of all of our D.E.R. (Direct Electric Replacement ) controls, we have received loads of requests to upgrade the electronics of our vintage Corvette air conditioning systems to ELITE (electronic controlled) status.  So, we did just that.  We upgraded our Perfect Fit 1968-1974 Chevy Corvette system to use the enormously popular, exclusive D.E.R. fully electronic controls.  You get all the cooling and heating ability that Classic Auto Air is known for, with the added benefit of simplified wiring using our EZ  Wire system and Plug and Play simplicity with our all new D.E.R. Control head.

Replacement Aftermarket A/C Defrost Duct for Chevelle Years 1970, 1971, 1972

Chevelle Aftermarket Replacement AC Defrost DuctWalls Are Twice as Thick as Original GM Part# 3963756

Question: What do you get when you mix thin gauge plastic with radical temperature shifts from hot to cold and back again? Answer: Warping and cracking!

In the auto restoration industry, there has been a history of scrapping OEM air conditioning ductwork in vintage ’70-’72 Chevelle, Monte Carlo and El Camino models because the duct had snapped off flimsy mounts, or developed cracks. So our engineers decided to develop our own replacement duct and while we were at it, figured we could address the hot/cold warping issue head-on.

Reconditioning Classic Car AC Components

We recently heard from a customer interested in having his original 71 Pontiac LeMans evaporator unit with POA valve rebuilt & restored and set up for 134a.   Our customer was also interested in a compressor and line kit to replace missing components.  He wanted to know if such a kit is available, and of course how much it cost.   This 2-part request covers two of Classic Auto Air’s Original Air Group’s specialties; rebuilding/restoration and factory air-conditioning a/c system upgrade kits.

1967 – 78 Camaro Now Upgraded to Elite!

perfect fit elite AC for camaro

Perfect Fit Elite™ Kit Components for 1967 Camaro

1967 – 78 Camaro owners can now enjoy the benefits of Classic Auto Air’s fully electronic “Perfect Fit Elite” complete climate control system.

What’s great about the 1967 – 78 Camaro “Perfect Fit Elite™” System?

  • It’s fully electronic
  • Our EZ Cable Integrators™ allow simple attachment to your control head
  • Our EZ Wire™color coding system makes wiring connections as simple as color matching
  • You get infinite control over air displacement and temperature
  • We’ve upgraded the instructions and the packaging to make installation even easier
  • We’ve improved the efficiency of the Condenser