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Model Specific Air Conditioning
1930's to 1980's Cars & Trucks
Since 1977

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NEW HUMVEE – HMMWV M998 Perfect Fit Complete A/C System


Classic Auto Air has just released a Perfect Fit Complete A/C System for the HUMVEE – HMMWV M998. This A/C System comes complete with everything needed to turn your M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV to a fully electric climate controlled vehicle. Your HUMVEE – HMMWV M998 can now have the best modern a/c system on the market with this easy to install Perfect Fit system.


Don’t catch yourself trying to mount a universal street rod system into your M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV – get Classic Auto Air’s M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV Perfect Fit Climate Control system. It has everything your M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV needs to get on the road again with high-performance air conditioning, heat and dehumidified defrost customized exactly how you want it.


Classic Auto Air 1961 Ford Thunderbird Air Conditioning System

Model Specific

This model specific Perfect Fit™ system allows you to retrofit an original, standard, heat-only, heat-only 1961 Thunderbird with full air-conditioning. Engineered specifically to use the original 1961 Thunderbird heater controls and dash louvers while providing you with powerful air conditioning, heat on the floor, and dehumidified defrost. The air conditioning and defrost connect to the original heater-defrost diffusers.

Classic Auto Air’s Perfect Fit™ model specific systems are not your typical, one-size-fits-all, low-quality, aftermarket air conditioning system. Every component was chosen for its superior design and quality rather than a low cost. Our RETROFIT designs give OE quality combined with better than original performance and reliability.


Membrane Thermal Insulator And Sound Dampening Material


Membrane focus is on Thermal Protection. We noticed that most custom car builders thought the “sound dampening” material they were using also block out the heat. This is not true. Membrane is the only material that does this. This is just not an-add-on “liner” to place on your vehicles body to muffle noise or rattle. Membrane is a true fortification between your vehicles cabin and the outside world.

Membrane is the only true thermal insulation with sound dampening material. We found that custom car builders were using standard “sound dampening” material in their builds, and were unaware that it did not provide insulation from the outside elements. Membrane four-layer material that prevents your vehicle from being robbed of the climate control temperature you have set in the cabin, while giving you sound dampening.

Ra7 Single Vane Billet Aluminum A/C Vent

American Classic

We know what it is like to put in the time to get a build up and running. Finding the perfect parts for you build can be a challenge at times and finding the best deals are even harder. Why builders put some cheap plastic chinese part in their ride after all this work is difficult to understand. You have a Classic American built piece of machinery in your garage and now you want to have some comfort when riding around. A/C is your next step, but you still don’t what to have the chinese knock off you want the real deal. Classic Auto Air has what you need. All of our systems and parts are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Model Specific 1967 Chevy Camaro Air Conditioning Kit

A/C, Heat and Defrost. For non factory air & factory air vehicles

This model specific Perfect Fit ELITE™ system allows you to retrofit an original, standard, 1967 Camaro with full air-conditioning. Our system is engineered specifically to use the original 1967 Camaro heater or air conditioning controls using our simple EZ Cable integrators and EZ Wire system. The new fully electric Perfect Fit ELITE™ system uses our ECU to allow infinite adjustability over all modes, providing you with powerful air conditioning, heat on the floor, and dehumidified defrost. The air conditioning connects to new supplied vents and the defrost connects to new supplied defrost diffusers.


Installation’s a Breeze!

The 1967 Chevy Camaro Perfect Fit ELITE™ air conditioning system is designed specifically to bolt into your 1967 Camaro with minimum modification to your vehicle. Each kit comes with detailed, easy-to-follow installation instructions and mounting template.



1977-88 Porsche 930

This Model-Specific RetroFit™ system has been specifically engineered to convert a factory heat-only 1977-88 Porsche 930 Turbo LHD to full climate control. Like all RetroFit™ kits, each component was either specifically designed, or carefully chosen to fit your vehicle. This kit is complete and contains what you’ll need to get modern day, high performance A/C into your classic 1977-88 Porsche 930 Turbo LHD. Classic Auto Air is the only manufacturer with a complete system for your 1977-88 Porsche 930 Turbo LHD, and we have lots of engine compartment upgrades available.