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The First Mustang

Have to admit to being a little entranced with some of the Mustang myth and mystique that has been reported during this year’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Pony’s introduction. There’s an article we read recently on the Henry Ford Museum blog detailing the history behind the first serialized Mustang (100001) and its accidental original owner, Captain Stanley Tucker, a Canadian airline pilot.  Mustang enthusiasts will enjoy the article even if you have heard part of this story before.  We found the following points particularly interesting:

-Captain Tucker didn’t know it was the first serialized Mustang when he bought it.

-He bought it from a dealer in St. Johns, Newfoundland and was the only Mustang owner on the island for a while and other drivers would periodically force him off the road to ask about it.

-In 1966, Ford got the Mustang back from him in exchange for a new 1966 Mustang.  In exchange – Captain Tucker received the millionth production vehicle.

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