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The Mustang is 49!

1964 and a half MustangApril 17 marks the 49th anniversary of the introduction of the Ford Mustang.  More than a million of them were sold in the first 24 months — still the record for the most successful new car introduction.

The first Mustangs are technically referred to as 1964 1/2 because they were released in the spring, when there was less competition from the usual fall vehicle introductions.

After seeing how popular the compact Falcon was, Ford was inspired to design a lower-priced, small, performance car. The  sporty, long hood and short deck design of the original Mustangs is an American classic. The Mustang is the only car Tiffany & Co ever honored with is Award for Excellence in American Design.



Although the inline 6 was standard, almost three-quarters of the buyers opted for one of the V8 upgrades. Factory air conditioning was not available on the 1964-66 Mustangs, although a dealer installed under dash system similar to Classic Auto Air’s “Daily Driver”™ was available.

Classic Auto Air is proud to offer complete air conditioning solutions for classic Mustangs. Check out a few of our offerings:

Mustang Perfect Fit Elite™ Model Specific Air Conditioning Systems

Hi- Po Compressor Upgrade Kit

Hi-Po Engine Compartment Upgrade Kit

Mustang Factory Parts and Restoration Services



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2 thoughts on “The Mustang is 49!

  1. I never knew that the mustang first came out in the early sixties, that was so long ago. My spouse and I inherited her dad’s mustang and we want to make it driveable again. We need to find the right parts online that we can buy and hopefully get the car running.

    1. Steven R says:

      I apologize but i’m only familiar with the 64 and up year models. You have listed 1949?
      You would have to go with one of our universal systems listed online.

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